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Dear Well-wisher,
Thalassaemia is a dreaded genetic blood disorder which is affecting the lives of millions of children. Thalassaemics cannot produce enough blood and thus have to depend on others blood for survival. Beside safe blood, the patients have to take various medicines to chelate iron from their system and also to maintain normalcy of various organs. The treatment of thalassaemia costs around Rs 7000/- per month per patient.
The need of the hour is to prevent this disease through greater awereness and stand beside the unfortunate thalassaemics to help in giving them proper treatment.
In 1984 a group of bewildered but determined parents of the thalassaemics got together to form The Thalassaemia Society of India to combat the dreaded disease thalassaemia.

      The objectives of the Society are:

  • To provide state-of-the-art treatment facilities to existing thalassaemics
  •  To prevent thaalassaemia through awarness & counseling
  •  To put in please rehabilitation programs for thalassaemics
Among other activities, the Society runs its own treatment centre where more than 300 patients are given regular blood transfusion & related treatment.
The task as you would appreciate is mammoth and resource of the society is limited. On our rocky path it is only noble hearted well-wishers like you who have made it possible to continue this crusade.
May we appeal to you to join this movement as a Friend of thalassaemics. If you wish please fill up the from for other deatials
With kind regards,
Yours sincerely,
Utpal Panda,