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Who will help to gain the red factor of Blood

Requirement of Safe Blood is one of the most vital factors of The Thalassaemia Society Of India’s activity chart. To commensurate this the society conducts regular blood donation camps throughout West Bengal. The Blood donation camps are mainly organised through different platforms like Clubs, associations, schools, colleges, corporate etc. TSI conducts nearly 250 blood donation camps where more than 15000 units of bloods are collected in a year. This is an ongoing program of TSI as the patients are in regular requirement of blood. A patient requires 40 units of blood every year, which is very difficult task for any individual to coordinate. TSI has taken up this responsibility of collecting blood from different blood banks. Moreover requirement of safe blood is the single most important factor. The blood units collected from the blood banks are tested at the laboratory of TSI to ensure its safety of transfusion.

Safe Blood- the fact can’t be ignored

We all know blood transfusion is the most popular and conventional way of treatment in Thalassaemia. However it is very important to ensure the safety of the blood transfused. Thalassaemia Society Of India gives utmost importance to this factor. To ensure this, blood units collected from the blood banks are rechecked against HIV, HCV at TSI’s own laboratory latest testing kit. TSI also conducts pathological tests like Hb count, TC, DC, ESR etc at free of cost for the patients.